The Highly Efficient and Innovative Motor Control Design
TI drives your innovative motor control design by helping you create more precise, reliable motor drive and control system designs with the highest power efficiency. We offers a series of motor drive reference design leveraging the best in TI technology with accurate control, high reliability, long lifespan and more efficiency.
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Servo CNC & robotics
  Servo drive communication module
  Servo drive control module
  Servo drive energy recovery
  Servo drive I/O & display/keypad
  Servo drive main power supply
  Servo drive position feedback
  Servo drive position sensor
  Servo drive power stage module
AC inverter & VF drives
  AC drive communication module
  AC drive control module
  AC drive energy recovery
  AC drive I/O & display/keypad
  AC drive main power supply
  AC drive position feedback
  AC drive power stage module
DC drives
  Brushless DC motor drives
  Brushed DC motor drives
  Stepper drives
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Motor Drives Reference Design
Reference Design Design Guide Schematic BOM
High Speed Digital Output PLC Module Reference Design
24Vin, Isolated 24V & 5Vout SIP DC/DC Module Reference Design
16-Bit Analog Mixed Input and Output Module for Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Reference Design
Small Form-Factor Reinforced Isolated IGBT Gate Drive Reference Design for 3 Phase Inverter
Redundant Dual Channel Reference Design for Safe Torque Off in Variable Speed Drives
Smart Brake Control and Diagnostics Reference Design for Servo Drives and Robotics
Related Motor Drives Hero Parts
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DRV8323 60V Three-Phase Smart Gate Driver With Three Current Shunt Amplifiers
DP83822I Robust, Low Power 10/100 Ethernet Physical Layer Transceiver
AMC1306E05 Small Reinforced Isolated Modulator With ±50mV Input and Manchester-Encoded CMOS Interface
AMC1311 Precision Reinforced Isolated Amplifier With High CMTI for Current Sensing
TLV4171 36V, Low-Power, RRO, General-Purpose Operational Amplifier
INA240 80V, Low-/High-Side, Bi-Directional, Zero-Drift, Current Sense Amp w/Enhanced PWM Rejection
THVD1550 5V RS-485 Transceivers With ±18kV IEC ESD Protection
TCAN1051H Fault Protected CAN Transceiver With Flexible Data-Rate
ISO7841 High-Immunity, 5.7kVRMS Reinforced Quad-Channel 3/1 Digital Isolator, 100Mbps
UCC21520 A/6A, 5.7 kVrms Isolated Dual Channel Gate Driver
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